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The Ark Park will be an animal based organisation of renown with a reputation as a leader in animal management, conservation, research, education and training within a wholesome recreational environment enjoying the admiration of the citizens of Romania as well as all centre guests and other organisations around the world.

Mission Statement

The Ark Park will inspire the public into understanding, support and participation in national and global conservation of animal species and their environment by creating a unifying bond between our visitors and the living earth and will provide an environment for personal renewal and enjoyment for our guests by:

•   Contributing to National, European and World Wide animal management,     conservation and research efforts;

•   Fostering sound physical, psychological and social development for the animal groups in our care;       

•   Sharing our knowledge with the intent to reinforce the aims of sustainable bio-diversity;

•   Improving the quality of our professional development, administration and operating environment;



Romania is one of the last strongholds of free roaming wildlife in Europe, its people and Government have a duty to ensure that its survival continues. The zoo world here must conduct education, conservation and research activities whilst at the same time offer the visitor the opportunity of a wonderful recreational experience.  A well run zoological conservation establishment offers a natural form of entertainment, and at the same time it helps people understand the animals and sometimes even their own actions.

This will only happen if staff have a well defined knowledge of how to correctly and safely look after the collections in their care, and the establishment as a whole.  To ensure this all staff must be trained to the highest standards possible.  This is also true for the various stakeholders – e.g. how can an establishment be inspected to the required standards if the inspectors are not conversant with the roles and ever changing intricacies of a zoological institution?

This will only be achieved if a high standard of training in all aspects for all involved in the zoo world is made available and used.  With the correct training of the staff, the great majority of the problems in Romania’s zoological establishments will disappear!

To this end a Romanian Nature Conservation Centre (ARK PARK) is being proposed and with the addition of dedicated on-site training facilities will it is believed, be a 1st in Europe.

The Ark Park will be a community based operation and will not only be of benefit to its local community in the forms of recreation, economic development and education, but, will in time bring visitors from further afield, (more than 10% of the worlds population visit zoological based establishments each year – over 140.000.000 in the European Union alone) which in turn, brings in extra revenue to the local area.

The Ark Park will be a flagship for safeguarding the various aspects of biodiversity and sustainability in Romania.

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